The Brand New John Derris Lecture

SOME TIME  AGO I DID 50 LECTURES on the KISS book in the UK and Europe in just three years  and said that was the end – no more lectures. Martin MacMillan of International Magic asked me to do one more – a swan song – around the time of the Olympics. Excuse my red […]

Wanna buy 50 years of magic?

OVER THE YEARS I HAVE KEPT NOTES,  thoughts and anything to do with magic and presentation. Some fanciful, some great and some workers that have gone straight into magician’s programmes including my own. Many of these have been dreamed up whilst sitting with a group of close friends in cafes and more recently in a […]

Grab a creative opportunity!

RECENTLY I WAS PASSING THE TIME in a Funky Pigeon shop in a mainline station in London. These are shops who go an extra mile to create birthday and greeting cards that are printed with your own photo or message. They are very progressive against say WH Smith, but sensing their captive audience waiting for a […]

Early Success for Welded Bliss

 I INCLUDED AN ORIGINAL ROUTINE IN MY BOOK KISS called “Welded Bliss” A yuk play on words encouraged no doubt by my commercial years in writing copy for advertisements. Simply it was the permanent linking of a gentlman’s signet ring to a ladies engagement ring without the aid of a Himber ring. It was perfect for […]

The One-Two Ring Vanish

EVERY MAGICIAN KNOWS THE SEQUENCE for vanishing a coin, cigarette, silk, sponge ball etc. into a thumb tip. You put the item into the thumb tip held in the left fist. You show the right hand empty. You push the right thumb into the tip You withdraw the thumb and the tip with the item inside […]

A Routine Born at The Queen’s Crown Jewellers.

I’VE HAD IN THE DRAWER FOR SOMETIME a set of gem sticks. You know – the black, three inch plastic rod on which appear and disappear  gemstones that seem to have a life of their own. I’ve never found in the past a convincing storyline and certainly no climax that I thought worthy of presentation. Until […]

A Stunning New Effect for Magicians who work Weddings – “Welded Bliss”

WHEN PRESENTING CLOSE-UP AT WEDDINGS or anniversaries, this is a blinder! The magician approaches the table and makes pleasantries about the bride and groom. In so doing he displays at his fingertips a ladies diamond ring on the finger of one hand and a gentleman’s gold signet ring on the other.Telling of his own long, […]

A guaranteed way to improve your magic and creativity

A bold claim – but true. Not a brilliant new gimmick. Not a new routine from the Vernon archives. Not something requiring a big investment but a proven procedure that does really work. Group magic. Vernon and the greats used it. Fred Kaps used it.Peter Warlock, Jack Avis, Francis Haxton and other names used it. […]

Very important news after a long, long, long time!

I’M JUST A CHILD IN THE BAFFLING WORLD OF COMPUTERS and for some unknown reason my web site has been unavailable for some considerable time bringing up a horrifc healdine that said – FORBIDDEN! I know nothing and explanations from the computer intelligensia (my nephew Martin Avis – he’s brilliant and makes his living out […]

Watch out for The Phantom Queen

RECENTLY I WROTE THAT I WAS GOING TO PUT OUT a monte routine originated by Jack Avis that involved three like cards and a queen that mysteriously appears and disappears during the effect. In itself it’s very good as Jack showed it to me but I did it for a close friend, Tom Whitestone (an excellent magician […]