The Brand New John Derris Lecture

SOME TIME  AGO I DID 50 LECTURES on the KISS book in the UK and Europe in just three years  and said that was the end – no more lectures. Martin MacMillan of International Magic asked me to do one more – a swan song – around the time of the Olympics. Excuse my red […]

T’was the Night before Showtime

TOMORROW I PERFORM WITH JOHN STYLES in the Charity show we’ve been working on for the past couple of months. Generally I’m looking forward to it although they’ll be quite a few friends and magicians in the audience. But I’m doing material I’ve done for the past few years so I don’t expect any nerves […]

Applause for New Book – Days of Wine and Magic

“The concept and presentation idea for the effect on page 8 is worth the price of the book alone” MICHAEL BAILEY – BRITAIN’S MOST SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE MAGICIAN “John’s handling of the self-folding banknote takes it into the miracle class” GORDON BRUCE – ONE OF SCOTLAND’S LEADING CLOSE-UP MAGICIANS “The background to the origin of the […]

At Long Last! John Derris’s New Book!

SORRY FOR THE DELAY. Printers problems. People going into liquidation. Health and Safety etc.etc.But it’s now just off the press and could be in your hands tomorrow – DAYS OF WINE AND MAGIC. A milestone in magic publishing.40 Chapters. Over 100 Photographs. 90 Pages A stunning collection of magic ideas, routines and entertaining presentations conceived […]

An apology to Britain’s finest magic craftsmen.

IT SEEMS THAT WAY BACK FIVE YEARS AGO in 2008, I made an unwitting boo-boo to Colin Rose whose work and friendship I value and have enjoyed for many years.It appears that in referring to a magnificent giant ball vase crafted in rare woods and with an ostrich egg instead of a ball that could […]

An explanation and apology for my absence

SINCE I REVIVED REGULAR BLOGS on this site following a year away due to family illness, I have had many kind remarks from magicians who say they look forward to my meanderings. Which makes me red faced realising that its been many weeks since the last report. There is a reason and it is positive which […]

Happy Christmas and some new things for 2013!

HELL OF A YEAR and yet magic seems to be surviving if you check out the number of people staging shows. Small but active performances – and that’s what magic is all about – performance. I’ve slowed up due to wear and tear but I’m still getting a number of stand up shows for corporate groups […]

A genuine bargain for Christmas!

FOR SALE -THE ORIGINAL 5 HARDBACK VOLUMES OF CARD COLLEGE by Roberto Giobbi, acclaimed as the most definitive books published on card magic. In absolute mint condition with unmarked dust jackets, perfect for the next, emerging Roy Walton. A steal at £99.00 (plus postage £10). Contact John Derris Happy Christmas! Social Bookmarking

Wanna buy 50 years of magic?

OVER THE YEARS I HAVE KEPT NOTES,  thoughts and anything to do with magic and presentation. Some fanciful, some great and some workers that have gone straight into magician’s programmes including my own. Many of these have been dreamed up whilst sitting with a group of close friends in cafes and more recently in a […]

Welded Bliss takes off!

HAD A GREAT TIME at the International Magic Convention in London this weekend. It gets better and better with some class acts both Magic and Variety which is what the founder Ron MacMillan intended when he started the event 40 years ago. It is without doubt the premier magic event in London and congratulations to Martin […]