Applause for New Book – Days of Wine and Magic

“The concept and presentation idea for the effect on page 8 is worth the price of the book alone” MICHAEL BAILEY – BRITAIN’S MOST SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE MAGICIAN “John’s handling of the self-folding banknote takes it into the miracle class” GORDON BRUCE – ONE OF SCOTLAND’S LEADING CLOSE-UP MAGICIANS “The background to the origin of the […]

At Long Last! John Derris’s New Book!

SORRY FOR THE DELAY. Printers problems. People going into liquidation. Health and Safety etc.etc.But it’s now just off the press and could be in your hands tomorrow – DAYS OF WINE AND MAGIC. A milestone in magic publishing.40 Chapters. Over 100 Photographs. 90 Pages A stunning collection of magic ideas, routines and entertaining presentations conceived […]

Wanna buy 50 years of magic?

OVER THE YEARS I HAVE KEPT NOTES,  thoughts and anything to do with magic and presentation. Some fanciful, some great and some workers that have gone straight into magician’s programmes including my own. Many of these have been dreamed up whilst sitting with a group of close friends in cafes and more recently in a […]

Early Success for Welded Bliss

 I INCLUDED AN ORIGINAL ROUTINE IN MY BOOK KISS called “Welded Bliss” A yuk play on words encouraged no doubt by my commercial years in writing copy for advertisements. Simply it was the permanent linking of a gentlman’s signet ring to a ladies engagement ring without the aid of a Himber ring. It was perfect for […]

“KISS” – now out of print.

THE FIRST PRINTING OF THE BOOK “KISS”, launched a year ago and distributed in the UK and USA, is now out of print. HOWEVER – a token  supply is still held by International Magic in London,  Tel: 020 7405 7324-  available at their showroom or at the forthcoming International Magic Convention 16 – 18 November.I’ll be there so […]

New Tricks or what?

 WE ALL, MYSELF INCLUDED, ARE SEDUCED by a new trick. See a great demonstrator like Mark Mason (or years ago Ken Brooke) and you flew to your pocket to purchase the effect in the belief that what you have just seen is the way you would do it in the future. It ain’t necessarily so. How […]

Does your magic have added value?

IF YOU STOP AND THINK  of the magicians who have really impressed you, you will realise that in addition to their magic technique, they had that added something  that made them special.. You know what I mean. The wow factor, that something that you can see but find it hard to describe, Think of Juan Tamariz. Excellent […]

What Magicians say about “KISS”

Some of the comments I’ve recently received from magicians who’ve read the new book. COLIN ROSE: DEALER AND FORMER PROFESSIONAL MAGICIAN. “I toured as a professional magician all over the world for years and appeared in the Richiardi show for much of that time. The information on presentation that John Derris gives in his new […]

A Stunning New Effect for Magicians who work Weddings – “Welded Bliss”

WHEN PRESENTING CLOSE-UP AT WEDDINGS or anniversaries, this is a blinder! The magician approaches the table and makes pleasantries about the bride and groom. In so doing he displays at his fingertips a ladies diamond ring on the finger of one hand and a gentleman’s gold signet ring on the other.Telling of his own long, […]

Very important news after a long, long, long time!

I’M JUST A CHILD IN THE BAFFLING WORLD OF COMPUTERS and for some unknown reason my web site has been unavailable for some considerable time bringing up a horrifc healdine that said – FORBIDDEN! I know nothing and explanations from the computer intelligensia (my nephew Martin Avis – he’s brilliant and makes his living out […]