Master Craftsman in Magic

IV’E JUST VISITED ONE OF BRITAIN’S GREATEST  craftsman in magic making magic props in fine woods and other superb materials. Not only an outstanding craftsman but a magical inventor and designer who has produced in the last decade some of the most original and devious apparatus for the working magician. He is perhaps the modern day version of Jack Hughes, Gil Leaney and other makers of fine magic of the last century.

His name is Colin Rose. Trained as a designer and worker in fine silver jewelry and objets d’art, his hobby magic, led to him winning the The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year which led to offers to become a professional magician. And so he devised together with Pat Page one of the first magic fire acts in the business “Fantasy in Flame” that went around the world for many years including a season with the great illusionist Richiardi Jnr. Jeff McBride openly admits to being influenced by his card manipulations.

With the increasing popularity of fire acts and safety restrictions he turned his creative skills to the manufacture of fine magic apparatus and set up a studio and workshop in the Midlands just a short hop outside Peterborough. Here for eleven years together with his wife Sharron (with her former career in property and finance,) they have made some of the finest apparatus worthy of the quality props that were produced in the days of Victorian magic.

The superb flash frame from playing card size up to portrait size that was featured by Silvan in Italy. Magnificent mahogany tip over boxes, both for the hand and for the stage beautifully crafted with superb dove tailed joints and a lustrous finish. A wooden chop cup that delivers as the final load a stack of coins. The original gimmick which he designed has been described as one of the finest pieces of magic technology in the last ten years. All these and more are produced in Colin’s workshop and nothing leaves until it passes his eagle eye and is die stamped with his unique Five of Hearts trademark. Anything not bearing this mark is a fake and not from the Rose workshop.

He makes illusions for touring  and cruise magicians where his long stage experience helps originate many new features. The Miser’s Dream? Not only did he replicate in modern materials the original Prof. Hoffman wand and split coin that worked like a dream, he now makes from an idea by Gaeton Bloom a slender pair of silver forceps for the magician to reach into space and produce a silver coin at the very tip. The coin is then quite openly and loudly dropped into a silver cup only for the magician to reach in the ether once more and produce more and more coins, You wouldn’t believe the technical simplicity of this beautiful piece of apparatus. A Colin Rose original.

His items are not cheap reflecting the many man hours that are crafted into each and every piece of apparatus that is now recognised and distributed throughout every continent in the world. He has a big demand from magic collectors anxious to possess beautiful replicas of the magic of yesteryear – ball vases, carved wands, production boxes and the like – all made in rare imported woods from Africa, the Americas and other parts of the globe.For the Magic Circle Centenary celebrations he made a ball vase in a rare wood that contained a full size ostrich egg that could be vanished and reproduced at will. It sold on sight.

Colin Rose does not mass produce and all his magic effects, both standards and originals are individually produced in his own workshop in an age that often dismisses the singular quality that was the highlight of the great magicians of the past. Today in our world of magic there are still performing magicians and collectors who fortunately treasure such excellence.

If you would like more information on Colin Rose, Master Craftsman of Magic you can contact him at or +01775 840103

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