A Kiss for Chester

SORRY FOR THE DELAY.  I’ve been away visiting the magicians in Chester and  presenting my lecture K.I.S.S. which is an acronym for “Keep it Simple Stupid” This is a lecture that I have done for the past few years for magic societies in the U.K. and overseas on the marketing of magic .It tells and demonstrates “How to apply a proven business strategy that will help you re-evaluate your magic presentation, will lead you to a much higher level of performance, greater magic creativity and greatly improved earning power“. So how come I know so much about this specialised area of magic?

Well, for thirty years I ran an international advertising agency and I learned the art of winning big name advertising accounts against much bigger agencies. And it was successful. I won Airlines, Cruise Lines, National Tourist Offices, Nikon cameras, Garrard the Crown Jewellers, New York Times and other name companies and organisations.. It was largely achieved using a marketing strategy called “The KISS Principle” and when I retired I applied the same technique to the business of selling magic.

So for the last twelve years I’ve worked as a professional magician and performed magic in Paris, Athens, Estoril, Marbella, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Morocco, Florida and Osaka. I’m not a star in the mould of Michael Ammar, Greg Wilson, Nick Einhorn, Martin Sanderson and other giants of the corporate field,  but I am a competent middle-of-the -road performer who because of my advertising and marketing background  knows  something about selling oneself and generating business. And that is what KISS is all about and I have had many letters from magic club members who’ve derived ideas and inspiration that’s taken them to a new and profitable level of entertaining with magic.

The members of the Chester Guild of Magicians, both established performers and hobbyists gave me a wonderful evening in which many ideas and practical suggestions were freely discussed and adopted and they were most generous in their comments.

If you’d like to know more about the KISS principle lecture you can always contact me through this web site or by email on europro (at) tiscali.co.uk [please replace the (at) with @].

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