First rave review about “Welded Bliss”

JOHN DERRIS’S NEW BOOK “KISS” not only gives first hand information and guidance on that oft neglected aspect of magic – presentation -but includes a whole section on his personal effects that took him round the world. Genuine, subtle, move by move, word by word descriptions of many standard routines that were proven entertainment from Morocco to St. Petersburg to Buckingham Palace for many years. But amongst this treasury of entertaining magic is included an original routine “Welded Bliss” in which a ladies engagement ring is linked to a gentleman’s signet ring – permanently. An absolute winner at weddings and anniversaries

As confirmed by the enthusiastic reports from professional magician Tom Whitestone who recently pulled this item on the bride and groom at an Indian wedding reception. Tom reported that their excitement and comment continued throughout his close-up performance almost to the exclusion of the rest of his programme. Tom said “There is no doubt that this will be a permanent item in my show in the future. It’s visual, easy and very magical and was a talking point long after I collected my cheque.

The 132 page book “KISS” contains eight John Derris routines that formerly retailed at £100.00+ that were performed for over ten years as well as the unique “KISS” principle that has led many magicians to new levels of performance and creativity.

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