Second Printing for “KISS”

THANK YOU TO ALL MAGICIANS who purchased my new book “KISS”. We’ve had some good reviews from both the UK and USA and many have written saying how valuable it was to find a book that helped you in presenting their magic rather than another publication on moves and routines. As it says on the cover – 31  ways to better magic, better bookings and bigger fees!  I know it works for I ran a successful  commercial business based on the marketing ideas and strategies listed and then converted the concept to professional magic, all over the world for 16 years! 

So much so we’re now into a second printing of the book (allowing of course for complimentary review copies etc.) Keep a look out for further reviews or have a word with magicians who’ve purchased the book or seen it at lectures I’ve been doing at magic clubs. Give me a call email if you would like to arrange a KISS evening for your club.

Many thanks.

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