The quite incredible Okito Box Rice production

I’VE HAD AN ITEM UNDERGROUND FOR MANY YEARS made for me by a mechanic friend who is no longer with us. It’s an Okito Box with which you can do the normal Okito Box routines. But the climax is a stunner. At the end of the routine when perhaps four coins have passed through the box and your hand onto the table, the spectator picks up the four coins, places them back in the box, replaces the lid himself, snaps his fingers and on lifting the lid the box is full of…rice, the coins having vanished! It’s a wonderful climax to a classic routine.

I published the outline of the workings of the box and the gimmick some years ago and a few magicians have asked me where they could get the gimmick made. Good metal workers who can handle magic props on a lathe are few but I believe I’ve found a technician in magic who is able to create the precision required to make this rather stunning and unique item that is so different from the run of close-up effects.

So if there are a number of  magi out there who are interested in this specialist item, I believe I could commission from him a small quantity to be exclusively made (he won’t make a number of this precision item) . If anyone is interested contact me early and if the number is right I would be prepared to commission this rather special magic item. It won’t be cheap, custom made precision work never is but you would be the owner of a very exclusive and  stunning classic of magic. 

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