Turning the Page.

FOLLOWING MY ENTHUSIASTIC BLOG YESTERDAY about the outstanding lecture I saw on Tuesday by Pat Page, I had a sudden thought. Some time ago Matt Field, Editor of The Magic Circle magazine and one of magic’s most experienced and prolific writers, told me that he was in the process of writing a new book with Pat Page. Realising that at the lecture I saw many of Pat’s stage and close-up routines revealed and explained in detail, something he had never done before in earlier lectures, it occurred to me that this was to be a publication of his life’s work.

I spoke to Matt who confirmed that many of the Page classics, the Miser’s Dream, the Stacked Deck, the Coins Through the Table and other gems were indeed included in this new book to which Pat is constantly adding fresh touches and photographs. This must be his Opus, a publication of his lifetime in magic which will undoubtedly be a major work that will be an outstanding British publication as I understand that Pat is publishing it himself.

This is big news indeed and I know a hundred people who would place an order tomorrow for possession of the work of one of Britain’s finest masters of magic. Put me down for the first copy!

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