Channing Pollock – Film Star.

FOLLOWING A FANTASTIC CAREER AS AN OUTSTANDING MAGICIAN,  Channing Pollock went into the film business and starred in a number of films made in Europe. Not as a magician in a guest role but as a leading actor although he did some magic during the movies. These met with reasonable success of which the most outstanding was a film called “Judex”. 

It has now been released as a DVD and received four stars and acclaimed as the DVD of the week by the national press.

They quote “Channing Pollock, a magician in real life gives a commanding performance in “Judex” , as a righter of wrongs who does battle with femmes fatale in cat suits for possession of a banker’s fortune being filched from his beautiful daughter

The film also includes interviews about the production. It’s part of a double disc that includes another film called “Nuits Rouges” and is from Eureka EKA50037 PG, double disc – £24.99

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