Marketing Dynamo

YOU WILL HAVE SEEN ON THE TV RECENTLY the programmes featuring a magician called Dynamo performing street magic very much in the style of David Blaine. Technically he handles himself very well and his technique is very good although I would personally challenge some of the “mind reading”  effects and methods he uses on tv.

I’ve been aware of him for some time at conventions but perhaps have  regarded him as yet  another of the hundreds of  younger magicians who consistently parade their repertoire of card moves and flourishes as proof of their claim to be a magician. In his tv programme he did add some headline grabbing stunts such as walking across the Thames (?) but again…I don’t know.

However he clearly has some smart marketing management behind him for on the football coverage on national tv he appeared performing an excellent parade of card flourishes, changes etc with playing cards bearing the pictures and names of top football clubs and players. This was imaginative and perfectly fitted into the format of national football coverage with very high viewing figures. And now I see he has a DVD with national distribution in shops with excerpts of his first shows on tv.

Whilst I raise an old fashioned eyebrow at the endless and  mindless display of card and coin flourishes, I was thrilled to see such skill adapted to modern media presentation that clearly has impressed a large audience and created an excellent awareness of Dynamo on a national basis that will quickly project him to national recognition.

Selling oneself and not just ones digital dexterity was the basis of my recently published book KISS. As I said in the book “people pay you for what they see – not what you do” Best wishes and good luck to Dynamo and congrats to whoever is steering his career.

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