Another winner from Colin Rose

I RECENTLY GAVE YOU DETAILS  about an excellent item from Colin Rose- a pair of tweezers with which you can reach into the air and produce endless silver coins which are then visibly dropped into a metal beaker. As you would expect from Colin the mechanics and subtlety are excellent but I am delighted to see that he has taken the effect a stage further and developed a great,  improved presentation that points to his long career in show business in theatres and cabarets around the world.

The new version is a pair of Chinese chopstickswith which you reach into the air and produce a coin at the tips. It can be dollars, euros, sterling, you have a choice and then the coin is dropped into a beaker bearing a Chinese symbol. The effect can be repeated ad infinitum and at the conclusion you can show the beaker completely empty the coins having now vanished.

The mechanics are the same as the tweezers but those of you who are more aware of presentation will recognise the outstanding patter possibilities with this new version with a Chinese flavour. Whether you do stand up magic or kid’s shows I predict this will be another winner from Colin Rose at Five of Hearts Magic. Look it up on the web.

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