Are you a demonstrator or a performer?

HAVING LEARNED THE SECRETS and technique of magic do you give the same amount of time investment into presentation and stagecraft? Whether you perform on stage or at close-quarter, how people perceive you and how you present yourself is critical to magic success in my view.

I recently enthused on this aspect about Geoffrey Durham’s new book – “Professional Secrets – A Life in Magic” which offers invaluable information about stagecraft. But at Blackpool I picked up another excellent booklet on presenting yourself called “Get Your Act Together” by Joanie Spina. Joanie Spina is a professional dancer and choreographer who has been the guiding talent behind many top professional magic performers including David Copperfield. To get some idea of the sheer artistry and theatre of her work check out her web site and see some video clips of magicians for whom she has worked.

 But the book that I picked up is packed with information you can’t buy in a magic shop – strengths, talent, staging an illusion, focus, choreography, dialogue, movement, music, vision and scores of other subjects on stagecraft that can be a real asset to the working magician wishing to give a professional performance.

I believe that Joanie Spina is associated with Jeff McBride and his unique school for magicians who has already shown excellent results for magicians attending. Lady magician Romany travelled to the USA to participate, changed some of her act as suggested by McBride, came back to Britain and won The Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year Competition and has worked consistently since.

I just happened to find a single copy of this book lying on Bob Swadling’s stand but if your serious about improving your act you could check out Joanie Spina’s web site.

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