Mirrorcle, by John Derris is the impossible penetration of a mirror with a pen.

Magician shows thae audience a small square mirror, taps it with his pen and passes it out to be examined. He also shows a leather wallet with a hole in the middle, which can also be fully examined.

The mirror is then slipped inside the wallet, which is clearly a snug fit.

The pen is then tapped onto the mirror through the hole in the wallet and is seen to penetrate the solid glass. The wallet is show both sides and the pen is clearly right through the mirror. The wallet is then bent to show the opening – where the pen can clearly, and at very close range, be seen by the audience.

With the pen still sticking through, the mirror is then smartly slid out of the wallet, leaving the pen in the hole in the wallet.

The mirror can be seen by the audience to be unharmed and can once again be fully examined.

This is a great visual effect that works wonderfully well in close up demonstations.

See John Derris demonstrate the basic effect:

I’ve performed this hundreds of time and always with great effect. When I hit on the notion of pushing the pen through a  mirror inside a small envelope I realised that for table work the mirror should be larger and more visible to get maximum impact out of the trick. I had some leather wallets specially made with a hole in the centre and this has been very successful in performance over the past few years.

The full instructions for you to perform this amazing close up effect are provided as an immediate PDF download. The special leather wallet and mirror will be mailed to you at no extra cost (please allow up to 21 days for delivery). In addition you will need a Cornelius pen, which is not included because it has become such a standard inclusion in most close-up magician’s props bag.

Mirrorcle has wowed audiences all over the world and never fails to impress.

John Derris Effects: Proven in the field to wow at the table.