Penn & Teller?

magicderris.comPenn & Teller?
WHAT DO YOU THINK? Their new tv show has a primetime spot on Saturday and that’s good for magic. It’s good also to see a quality tv magic show after a long drought when producers only seemed to be interested in programmes with magic exposure following the masked magician episode. And I feel a little uncomfortable with talk on the show about “switching decks” “forcing” and other magic references but that’s my age showing.

Magicians have always found ways around popular knowledge of certain gimmicks. Nearly everyone knows about thumb tips but there are performers who have the brains to think out their routine management so that a tip isn’t even seen or considered. I once saw Pat Page do an effect with a chrome plated thumb tip and still fool laymen.

No. There are some good things I believe about the show. In an effort to grab viewers from the other channels the producers have enlisted two BIG names from Las Vegas who can attract and steer the show.

They have given it the talent show element to compete with the X factor although the choice of acts is as much to do with a variety of skills appropriate for inclusion in their Las Vegas show. (You wouldn’t want four young cardicians all winning) But it has brought a sense of innovation to the show in making the acts think of something that will look different enough to interest P&T and the audience. ie Nick Einhorn’s very visual presentation of a mental effect and the floating cube illusion which had a touch of circus about it. And that I think is refreshing. And you can always rely on P & T to do something spectacular. No. All in all I think it’s good. What do you think?


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