I hate the Egg Bag.

AS A KID I NEVER LIKED THE EGG BAG TRICK. When I saw a magician perform this effect I didn’t think it was very mysterious and the bit of ostensibly hiding the egg under your arm I thought was childish. Until. As a fan  of Jeff Hobson I once saw him do a 30 minute spot […]

It’s not what you do………..

I’VE ALWAYS BEEN AN ADVOCATE  of the magic philosophy expressed by Pat Page and top TV producer John Fisher who both said “Magic isn’t about secrets – it’s about performances” I was reminded of this when speaking recently with Roy Walton, he told me of one Saturday morning when we were all assembled in Davenports when someone […]

Preserving Magic

I THINK IT IMPORTANTthat the performances of  some of our greatest magicians are preserved on film or tape for future generations, to be aware of what made them the best. Nowadays with camcorders and widespread visual technology this is happening but it would have been wonderful had such facility been available  years ago. It would […]