The Renaissance of Variety?

I WAS BROUGHT UP IN THE DAYS OF VARIETY  from the stages of the music halls in and around London. It is a genre that died at the hands of television and with it the bills that included a menu of singers, dancers, comedians, speciality acts, magicians and the like that compounded into the title – variety. […]

What do you do for an encore?

I’VE ALWAYS BEEN AN ADVOCATE  of working an act regularly until it goes like clockwork so that all your energy goes into the presentation. Many professionals have worked this way – Eddie Tulloch the king of the trade shows in the U.S. I’m told performed all his life with just a pack of cards, a pack of […]

Like to give your magic a lift?

A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE, MICHAEL BAILEY, once told me that the first contract he secured when he turned full time professional was a booking for a tour of hotels in South Africa. Working in cabaret at floor level he found that many of the audience at the back could not easily see his presentation, […]