As I was saying………..

NOTHING ON THIS BLOG SINCE DECEMBER. No I haven’t retired, demised or emigrated. Firstly I had a lot of work, magic, publicity and design  over Christmas and I was churning out a blog almost on a daily basis prior to that. I did not get many responses, messages etc from magicians so I eased up a […]

Au revoir – Hello Eastbourne!

NO MORE BLOGS I’M AFRAID FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS as along with many others I’m off to the IBM Convention at Eastbourne. And with the world-class line up of talent I’m looking forward to it more perhaps than in previous years. It’s always been a pleasant convention but perhaps a bit parochial in the past […]

Blackpool Highlights

After yesterdays rush and rash of bad spelling I thought you would like to have note of some of my personal highlights in the maelstrom of magic that I saw last week at the Blackpool Convention in no particular order. NEW MEL MELLERS DVD –  He’s not everyone’s cup of tea as his humour is very […]

Just back from Blackpool

Just come to the surface after drowning in magic in the past few days at Blackpool. Lots of highlights, some lowlights but like a mixed grill you might like the sausages but hate the tomatoes! Making notes for this site in the next two days so lots more details and things to see for the […]

Magic Train to Blackpool

In two days I’ll be on the 10.36 from Euston en route to the biggest magic convention in the world at Blackpool. And so will dozens of other magicians from the south. One of the delights of travelling by train to this event is that you get to meet and talk with many other magicians […]

Best buy at Blackpool

Six days to go before we all hit the biggest magic convention in the world. We all go for different reasons. Some to see the latest technique from wizards from the new world. Others to see magic performed on stage – a rare spectacle these days in the world of soup and sorcery. Some to […]