A guaranteed way to improve your magic and creativity

A bold claim – but true. Not a brilliant new gimmick. Not a new routine from the Vernon archives. Not something requiring a big investment but a proven procedure that does really work. Group magic. Vernon and the greats used it. Fred Kaps used it.Peter Warlock, Jack Avis, Francis Haxton and other names used it. […]

Can you crash a table at Grosvenor House?

CRASHING A TABLE means walking up to a table full of ten or so somewhat inebriated diners, some of whom don’t know each other, all out for a good evening and you’ve been booked to show them magic of which they may be unaware.  How do you break in? In the  Great Room  at Grosvenor House  in London […]

Priceless Tribute to Bob Read

I MUST ADMIT TO BEING BIASED when asked to review the new DVD on Bob Read who was a close friend who I knew for fifty years and who was very kind in helping me back into magic when I retired twelve years ago. We dined regularly at Kettners which was always a delightful mix […]