Real Craftsmen in Magic

IF YOU LOOK AROUND TODAY AT MAGIC that is sold by the ton to the fraternity, there are hundreds of gizmo cards,  bits of cardboard, fake coins, routines and things that are cooked up from such sources as stationers, hardware shops and the like. There are few pieces of beautifully handmade magic that are created and […]

Dealer’s “Balls Up” big success at Eastbourne

DESPITE THE CREDIT CRUNCH, SOME DEALERS AT EASTBOURNE scored with the one thousand conventioneers. They were those who demonstrated their wares rather than just standing behind a array of polythene packets with coloured graphics and watching the money walk by. Notably Bob Swadling who works hard to show you what real magic is like by demonstrating all […]

A Stab in the Pack

ONE OF THE GREATEST and most dramatic card revelations from the last century to the present time is surely the Card Stab. To have a card chosen, shuffled back into the pack and then to be found by stabbing a knife into the side of the deck or to spread the cards across a table and stabbing […]