You Tube – Gold Mine of Magic and Comedy

LIKE MANY OF YOU I PULL UP THE ‘YOU TUBE’ web site on the computer and find thousands of contributions, some good, some historical and some – Yuk!  Magic wise there are an awful lot of magicians doing their version of matrix and the like and many of them not good. However the site is full of […]

Preserving Magic

I THINK IT IMPORTANTthat the performances of  some of our greatest magicians are preserved on film or tape for future generations, to be aware of what made them the best. Nowadays with camcorders and widespread visual technology this is happening but it would have been wonderful had such facility been available  years ago. It would […]

Sticky Fingers

Nothing drops a performer’s style rating than to see him stick his finger/thumb into his mouth before dealing a pack of cards. Many do it and some do not even know they do it – it’s a reflex action. DAI VERNON- overcame the problem by having a small phial of rosewater and glycerine in his […]