The best Mix and Mingle Trick I ever found.

THERE’S A CARD EFFECT I’VE HAD FOR YEARS – didn’t think much of it until a friend showed me a terrific adaptation he’d seen in Germany that made it outstanding and it’s now in constant use in my close-up and particularly mix and mingle shows. Visually it’s unbelievable and I stunned Tessa Jowell with it at a […]

Close-up magic – the greatest?

I’M OFTEN ASKED WHO WAS THE GREATEST CLOSE-UP MAGICIAN I’ve ever seen? Well, I can go back fifty years and give you my opinion acknowledging that by reputation alone there were obviously some greats in the period before my time. I thinking here of Nate Leipzig and Max Malini and whilst I know that time […]

Important announcement – KISS is now online!

AS IS WELL KNOWN I HAVE BEEN GIVING MY LECTURE/presentation “KISS” (Keep it Simple Stupid) for over three years to magic clubs throughout Britain and overseas with great success. It’s a technique I used with my advertising agency that won me much high profile business and in the last 12 years I’ve successfully applied it to the business of […]

Lunch with Roy of the Clydeside Second Dealers!

HAD A DELIGHTFUL LUNCH WITH ROY WALTON  and his wife Jean  this week (started at 1.00pm and finished at 5.00pm!)  during their brief visit to the big smoke. We have been friends since we were teenagers but after marrying Jean  of the famed Davenport family, he gave up a career in the computing industry and decided […]

Dai Vernon – Sleight of hand Virtuoso or All Round Magician?

DAI VERNON was one of the greatest creative magicians of the last century who as a teenager could perform nearly everything in Erdnase. He was a master of brilliant sleights and moves that baffled magicians everywhere. Yet whilst he was entertaining on a cruise ship which called at Acapulco he was asked by the staff […]

The Avis Turnover

No, this is not a cookery recipe for a new style Cornish Pasty but a brilliant idea from my late, good friend Jack Avis which can transform an Okito Box routine into a smooth presentation. Any Okito or Boston Box routine requires the magician to replace the lid and at the same time secretly turn the box […]

Sticky Fingers

Nothing drops a performer’s style rating than to see him stick his finger/thumb into his mouth before dealing a pack of cards. Many do it and some do not even know they do it – it’s a reflex action. DAI VERNON- overcame the problem by having a small phial of rosewater and glycerine in his […]