The Kosher Mr. Bernard

HE’S NOT EVERYONE’S CUP OF LOKSHEN SOUP.. He can be argumentative, abrasive, pushy, boastful, attention-seeking, outspoken, petulant, intrusive and has irritated some of the best -known names in magic. I have known him for over sixty years. He has verbally laid into me many times, contradicting much of my conversation, which infuriates me because he […]

It’s not what you do………..

I’VE ALWAYS BEEN AN ADVOCATE  of the magic philosophy expressed by Pat Page and top TV producer John Fisher who both said “Magic isn’t about secrets – it’s about performances” I was reminded of this when speaking recently with Roy Walton, he told me of one Saturday morning when we were all assembled in Davenports when someone […]

Saturday morning at Georges.

ONE OF THE DELIGHTS of my sunrise magic years happened every Saturday morning in London. Six sorcerers, some apprentices, some established, used to meet in  Davenports magic shop in Holborn where we would talk  magic, gaze in awe at the many name professionals who called in (Orson Welles, Dante, Edward Victor, Jasper Maskylene, Robert Harbin and […]