Real Craftsmen in Magic

IF YOU LOOK AROUND TODAY AT MAGIC that is sold by the ton to the fraternity, there are hundreds of gizmo cards,  bits of cardboard, fake coins, routines and things that are cooked up from such sources as stationers, hardware shops and the like. There are few pieces of beautifully handmade magic that are created and […]

Climax to The Linking Rings

EVERYBODY DOES THE LINKING RINGS at some time in their magic career. Some presentations are serious a la Ching Ling Soo some are funny a la Whit Haydn. But either way, in the right hands it is a great trick – which is why so many of us do it. The usual climax is the mass […]

Close-up magic – the greatest?

I’M OFTEN ASKED WHO WAS THE GREATEST CLOSE-UP MAGICIAN I’ve ever seen? Well, I can go back fifty years and give you my opinion acknowledging that by reputation alone there were obviously some greats in the period before my time. I thinking here of Nate Leipzig and Max Malini and whilst I know that time […]

A Stab in the Pack

ONE OF THE GREATEST and most dramatic card revelations from the last century to the present time is surely the Card Stab. To have a card chosen, shuffled back into the pack and then to be found by stabbing a knife into the side of the deck or to spread the cards across a table and stabbing […]

Tommy Cooper’s statue – just like that?

MAGIC AND COMEDY WERE HONOURED with the erection of a nine feet bronze statue of the late comedy magician Tommy Cooper in his home town Caerphilly Wales, unveiled by by one of his greatest fans, Hollywood star Sir Anthony Hopkins. I didn’t know Tommy intimately but met him on many occasions in Davenports and Harry Stanley’s […]