I HAVE LONG BEEN AN ADVOCATE  of the philosophy that magic is not about secrets – it’s about performances. Not just my belief but that also of such giants of magic and theatre presentation as John Fisher, Pat Page, Jeff Hobson, Richard McDougall and Bobby Bernard. It’s the basis of the KISS lecture that I […]

Hooray for quality!

LAST NIGHT THE MAGIC CIRCLE STAGE MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR was won by – John Archer.High velocity comedian and excellent magician who combines the best of both skills to provide entertainment, which surely is the putpose of magic. To entertain. John is one of the younger generation of comedic performers but unlike many of his […]

Eastbourne – Final Round up!

Last minute thoughts on some of the highlights. * Mel Mellers who tore ‘em up in the opening show with his acerbic but very entertaining magic and comedy. * The entertaining act of Levent packed with a thousand very funny sight gags but an artiste whose depth of magic thinking is profound as witness his brilliantly devised  […]

I’m back!

JUST BACK FROM THE EASTBOURNE CONVENTION and down to earth with a million emails to check out. There were many great highlights at Eastbourne and so I think to give justice to them I’ll blog news day by day rather than give you a whole book of reviews. Big, big on the wow factor was the […]

Eastbourne Egg Bags.

I UNDERSTAND THAT ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MAGICIANS, JEFF HOBSON will be lecturing at the forthcoming convention at Eastbourne on….The Egg Bag.Some of you will have seen my recent blog on Egg Bags and my recent revival of interest after fifty years so I look forward to this feature. Obviously it’s to help him sell some […]

I hate the Egg Bag.

AS A KID I NEVER LIKED THE EGG BAG TRICK. When I saw a magician perform this effect I didn’t think it was very mysterious and the bit of ostensibly hiding the egg under your arm I thought was childish. Until. As a fan  of Jeff Hobson I once saw him do a 30 minute spot […]