Marvellous McDougall!

LAST NIGHT, RICHARD MCDOUGALL GAVE A MASTERLY AND COURAGEOUS LECTURE at The Magic Circle. He commanded immediate silence by declaring to the assembled one hundred plus practitioners of the ancient art  that magic in Britain today is in his view “lamentable!”  He asked the audience to consider when did they last witness a magic  performance that truly made the […]

Important announcement – KISS is now online!

AS IS WELL KNOWN I HAVE BEEN GIVING MY LECTURE/presentation “KISS” (Keep it Simple Stupid) for over three years to magic clubs throughout Britain and overseas with great success. It’s a technique I used with my advertising agency that won me much high profile business and in the last 12 years I’ve successfully applied it to the business of […]

Are you a 24 hour magician?

YOU’RE IN A DEPARTMENT STORE,  supermarket or restaurant and it comes out that you’re a magician. Inevitably someone says “Show us a trick”. No doubt you have your own outs that you do but here’s an absolute stunner from Jeff McBride that was passed onto me by good friend and Magic Circle Editor Matt Field. […]

Master Craftsman in Magic

IV’E JUST VISITED ONE OF BRITAIN’S GREATEST  craftsman in magic making magic props in fine woods and other superb materials. Not only an outstanding craftsman but a magical inventor and designer who has produced in the last decade some of the most original and devious apparatus for the working magician. He is perhaps the modern day […]

Congratulations – Magic Circle Close-up Winner 2008

BIG CONGRATULTAIONS TO MATTHEW WRIGHT for winning the coveted title The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year 2008.Many big professional names have won this prestigious award for the DevanoTrophy, the cash prize but most importantly the title which added to a performer’s cv adds real lustre and high profile awareness for bookers looking for the very […]

Are you a demonstrator or a performer?

HAVING LEARNED THE SECRETS and technique of magic do you give the same amount of time investment into presentation and stagecraft? Whether you perform on stage or at close-quarter, how people perceive you and how you present yourself is critical to magic success in my view. I recently enthused on this aspect about Geoffrey Durham’s new book […]