The KISS Principle

The Simple Strategy that Leads to Magical Success From the desk of John Derris Hello Fellow Magician, – Have you ever wondered how it is that some magicians get bookings whenever they want them, while others struggle to find work? – Have you ever noticed that it isn’t always the best performers who are always […]


Staggering, by John Derris, is a ring and cord routine with a difference. It is designed to be most effective when used close up and has an immediate wow factor that makes even tough audiences sit up and pay attention. As with much good magic, you will need to develop patter to suit your own […]

Welcome to John Derris Magic

I’m not a star. I’m no Alex Elmsley, Michael Ammar, Guy Hollingsworth or magic practitioner of that ilk. But I am a working magician. Have performed magic all over the world from Osaka to Golders Green and have come up with a few ideas and written a few things about magic from time to time. […]