important news after a long pause.

HAVEN’T SAID MUCH ON THIS BLOG FOR THE PAST FEW MONTHS.. No particular reason other than I was pumping out news and trivia almost on a daily basis and I think this could devalue the content of the information.  There’s too much info around today in my view.  Therefore I will only release news that I […]

The mischievous Mr. Ramsay

I HAVE OFTEN WRITTEN OF MY TOTAL ADMIRATION for John Ramsay, one of the finest close-up magicians I ever saw. He was a short, rotund little man with a shock of white hair, dressed in a conservative three piece suit with a Scottish twinkle in his eye as he would wind you up in his […]

Close-up magic – the greatest?

I’M OFTEN ASKED WHO WAS THE GREATEST CLOSE-UP MAGICIAN I’ve ever seen? Well, I can go back fifty years and give you my opinion acknowledging that by reputation alone there were obviously some greats in the period before my time. I thinking here of Nate Leipzig and Max Malini and whilst I know that time […]

Lunch with Roy of the Clydeside Second Dealers!

HAD A DELIGHTFUL LUNCH WITH ROY WALTON  and his wife Jean  this week (started at 1.00pm and finished at 5.00pm!)  during their brief visit to the big smoke. We have been friends since we were teenagers but after marrying Jean  of the famed Davenport family, he gave up a career in the computing industry and decided […]

Preserving Magic

I THINK IT IMPORTANTthat the performances of  some of our greatest magicians are preserved on film or tape for future generations, to be aware of what made them the best. Nowadays with camcorders and widespread visual technology this is happening but it would have been wonderful had such facility been available  years ago. It would […]