A guaranteed way to improve your magic and creativity

A bold claim – but true. Not a brilliant new gimmick. Not a new routine from the Vernon archives. Not something requiring a big investment but a proven procedure that does really work. Group magic. Vernon and the greats used it. Fred Kaps used it.Peter Warlock, Jack Avis, Francis Haxton and other names used it. […]

Curry and Conjuring

I’VE WRITTEN EARLIER  about a magic friend Lewis Jones who spent many years in his career in Singapore and who I meet at monthly intervals at my home in concert with many other magic aficionados. Once a year year Lewis and his wife Sush, stage what I call a “Curry and Conjuring” day to which they invite […]

My good friend the ghost.

THERE ARE MANY GHOSTS IN MAGIC. People who are heard but not seen. People buried in the scenery of the magic landscape. People who make a tremendous contribution to the intellect of magic by their profound thinking and creativity often stimulated by their isolation from the magic tribe. People who rarely or never perform magic in […]

German artist floats six feet above the ground

MY GOOD FRIEND LEWIS JONES sent me an intriguing email about a German street performer Johan Lorbeer who is famous throughout Germany for his “Still Life” performances. You know the kind of thing where a man simulates a porcelain statue standing absolutely still for hours on the sidewalk and occasionally frightening a passer by by […]