Turning the Page.

FOLLOWING MY ENTHUSIASTIC BLOG YESTERDAY about the outstanding lecture I saw on Tuesday by Pat Page, I had a sudden thought. Some time ago Matt Field, Editor of The Magic Circle magazine and one of magic’s most experienced and prolific writers, told me that he was in the process of writing a new book with Pat Page. […]

Are you a 24 hour magician?

YOU’RE IN A DEPARTMENT STORE,  supermarket or restaurant and it comes out that you’re a magician. Inevitably someone says “Show us a trick”. No doubt you have your own outs that you do but here’s an absolute stunner from Jeff McBride that was passed onto me by good friend and Magic Circle Editor Matt Field. […]

Great new magic book on the horizon

IN COMMON WITH MANY MAGICIANS  I have the highest regard for the magic and thinking of Patrick Page, one of the most inventive and practical performers in the business. And a hell of a nice guy to boot. So I was delighted to hear that there is a new Pat Page book in preparation being […]