Turning the Page.

FOLLOWING MY ENTHUSIASTIC BLOG YESTERDAY about the outstanding lecture I saw on Tuesday by Pat Page, I had a sudden thought. Some time ago Matt Field, Editor of The Magic Circle magazine and one of magic’s most experienced and prolific writers, told me that he was in the process of writing a new book with Pat Page. […]

A Master Class by a Master Magician.

LAST NIGHT WAS VERY SPECIAL I went to a lecture by Patrick Page organised by International Magic and  it was one of the great evenings in magic. I have known and admired Pat’s work for many years and in his previous lectures he has always shown many good ideas – a stunning vanish of a coin in a silk, […]

Miser’s Dream – 2008

A CLASSIC OF MAGIC –  The Miser’s Dream has been performed for a century or more, achieved with pure sleight of hand, mechanical aids, a gizmo magic wand or a combination of all of these.  Some time ago that master craftsman Colin Rose repaired a coin producing wand for me and introduced many modern improved […]