Eastbourne – Final Round up!

Last minute thoughts on some of the highlights. * Mel Mellers who tore ‘em up in the opening show with his acerbic but very entertaining magic and comedy. * The entertaining act of Levent packed with a thousand very funny sight gags but an artiste whose depth of magic thinking is profound as witness his brilliantly devised  […]

Eastbourne – The outstanding Nick Einhorn

I’VE BEEN A GREAT ADMIRER OF NICK EINHORN  for many years and have seen him grow in his magic and stature until today, when I believe he is amongst the top half dozen professional magicians in the country. In his performance, his thinking, his professionalism and his sheer imagination in presenting magic that goes far beyond the everyday. […]

A Kiss for Chester

SORRY FOR THE DELAY.  I’ve been away visiting the magicians in Chester and  presenting my lecture K.I.S.S. which is an acronym for “Keep it Simple Stupid” This is a lecture that I have done for the past few years for magic societies in the U.K. and overseas on the marketing of magic .It tells and demonstrates “How to apply […]

Why the top pros get work.

I’VE ALWAYS ACKNOWLEGED  that there is magic you do for your friends and your ego and there is magic you do for the paying public. Demonstrators versus entertainers. Nowhere was this philosophy more confirmed this week when I read that Nick Einhorn, one of our busiest, skilled and most  successful performers did a high profile gig for […]

Ilford – Cradle of Close-up Talent?

RECENTLY I WAS ASKED TO JUDGE a close-up competition at the Ilford Magic Society, a club where I had lectured some time ago. As I was chatting with the two other lay judges before the contest, I remembered that the Ilford Magic Society was the club where some of our most famed professionals of today first riffled […]