I HAVE LONG BEEN AN ADVOCATE  of the philosophy that magic is not about secrets – it’s about performances. Not just my belief but that also of such giants of magic and theatre presentation as John Fisher, Pat Page, Jeff Hobson, Richard McDougall and Bobby Bernard. It’s the basis of the KISS lecture that I […]

Turning the Page.

FOLLOWING MY ENTHUSIASTIC BLOG YESTERDAY about the outstanding lecture I saw on Tuesday by Pat Page, I had a sudden thought. Some time ago Matt Field, Editor of The Magic Circle magazine and one of magic’s most experienced and prolific writers, told me that he was in the process of writing a new book with Pat Page. […]

A Master Class by a Master Magician.

LAST NIGHT WAS VERY SPECIAL I went to a lecture by Patrick Page organised by International Magic and  it was one of the great evenings in magic. I have known and admired Pat’s work for many years and in his previous lectures he has always shown many good ideas – a stunning vanish of a coin in a silk, […]

Added value for extra bookings

HERE’S A PERFORMING TIP  that was passed onto me by Pat Page, that most generous of ideas men. I, like Pat, do quite a few weddings, dinners and the like where we perform close-up magic at the guest’s tables. But what pays off handsomely is to offer at the end of the dinner to present a […]

A Little More Ambition

FOR YEARS I RESISTED PERFORMING  the ambitious card effect. It’s such a good trick that everybody was doing it but I found that the magical impact was such that I could just not leave it out of my close-up programme. The  routine I finished with is part classic, part Vernon, part Pat Page and for the […]

Magic Train to Blackpool

In two days I’ll be on the 10.36 from Euston en route to the biggest magic convention in the world at Blackpool. And so will dozens of other magicians from the south. One of the delights of travelling by train to this event is that you get to meet and talk with many other magicians […]