Why the top pros get work.

I’VE ALWAYS ACKNOWLEGED  that there is magic you do for your friends and your ego and there is magic you do for the paying public. Demonstrators versus entertainers. Nowhere was this philosophy more confirmed this week when I read that Nick Einhorn, one of our busiest, skilled and most  successful performers did a high profile gig for […]

Ready for a bit of nostalgia?

I’M OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THE HEY DAYS  of variety and still have an affection for that period. If you’re similarly inclined you may like to know about a tour announced for August and September called “Best of British Variety” 2008. It  features many former variety stars although many are still doing gigs despite the demise of theatres. […]

My good friend the ghost.

THERE ARE MANY GHOSTS IN MAGIC. People who are heard but not seen. People buried in the scenery of the magic landscape. People who make a tremendous contribution to the intellect of magic by their profound thinking and creativity often stimulated by their isolation from the magic tribe. People who rarely or never perform magic in […]