THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF CARD MAGICIANS AROUND THE WORLD and over half a century I’ve seen many of them. I’m not a card man myself but know enough to know the difference between a demonstrator of card tricks and an artiste who can really entertain with just a pack of cards. In the distant past one […]

Another bouquet for the KISS lecture

WE SENT A COPY OF THE NEW edited online KISS lecture to Richard McDougall, brilliant mime magician, FISM prizewinner and leading lecturer on motivational behaviour and in constant demand by corporate organisations all over the world. He said “Sorry about contacting you but I have hit a putple patch of work and have only been home […]

Eastbourne – Final Round up!

Last minute thoughts on some of the highlights. * Mel Mellers who tore ‘em up in the opening show with his acerbic but very entertaining magic and comedy. * The entertaining act of Levent packed with a thousand very funny sight gags but an artiste whose depth of magic thinking is profound as witness his brilliantly devised  […]

Marvellous McDougall!

LAST NIGHT, RICHARD MCDOUGALL GAVE A MASTERLY AND COURAGEOUS LECTURE at The Magic Circle. He commanded immediate silence by declaring to the assembled one hundred plus practitioners of the ancient art  that magic in Britain today is in his view “lamentable!”  He asked the audience to consider when did they last witness a magic  performance that truly made the […]