What’s with the Ring Thing?

WE’VE HAD SEVERAL PEOPLE EMAIL as to what is the ring effect that is portrayed in the heading of “Come a Little Closer”. Well, it’s something I’ve done for the past ten years. It’s not brilliant magic but it’s been the perfect banquet table crasher that gets attention and quickly signals that magic is about to […]


Staggering, by John Derris, is a ring and cord routine with a difference. It is designed to be most effective when used close up and has an immediate wow factor that makes even tough audiences sit up and pay attention. As with much good magic, you will need to develop patter to suit your own […]

What’s with the ring thing?

MANY MAGICIANS HAVE CONTACTED ME  to ask what is the ring on cord effect that is shown  in the heading to this online magazine. It is a routine I devised over ten years ago based on a basic idea that I purchased from Bob Little, the U.S. magic dealer. Quite simply the ring is quite openly placed […]

Can you crash a table at Grosvenor House?

CRASHING A TABLE means walking up to a table full of ten or so somewhat inebriated diners, some of whom don’t know each other, all out for a good evening and you’ve been booked to show them magic of which they may be unaware.  How do you break in? In the  Great Room  at Grosvenor House  in London […]