A bouquet for KISS

SINCE WE ANNOUNCED THE AVAILABILITY OF THE KISS LECTURE online as a pdf, we have had some very nice comments about the 50 page document. One magician emailed us “Many thanks for the downloads. The documents are really spendidly presented and it is going to be a pleasure reading them. This makes a refreshing change!” This is […]

The KISS Principle – the proof.

THIS IS ASBSOLUTELY TRUE..Yesterday I did a sixty minute show for a club with an audience of a hundred and twenty and at the risk of appearing boastful it was an absolute burster. Around thirty to forty people came up to me afterwards with genuine ,wonderful comments about the show and about the entertainment factor  They also wanted to talk about magic […]

Important announcement – KISS is now online!

AS IS WELL KNOWN I HAVE BEEN GIVING MY LECTURE/presentation “KISS” (Keep it Simple Stupid) for over three years to magic clubs throughout Britain and overseas with great success. It’s a technique I used with my advertising agency that won me much high profile business and in the last 12 years I’ve successfully applied it to the business of […]

A Kiss for Chester

SORRY FOR THE DELAY.  I’ve been away visiting the magicians in Chester and  presenting my lecture K.I.S.S. which is an acronym for “Keep it Simple Stupid” This is a lecture that I have done for the past few years for magic societies in the U.K. and overseas on the marketing of magic .It tells and demonstrates “How to apply […]